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The Sunnyside Promise

Commitment to people before profit

Sunnyside Australia is passionate about people. Unlike other providers, Sunnyside pays support workers well and is committed to providing ongoing opportunities for learning and development. The TTP contributes towards the costs associated with professional development and maintaining Sunnyside’s endorsement as an NDIS registered organisation. Embedding a culture of quality and continuous improvement is an important priority at Sunnyside and the cost of implementing this is funded by the TTP.

Our Support Services

Support Coordination / Recovery Coaching

We’ll work alongside you to assist you to understand and implement and get the most out of your NDIS plan. We’ll support you to build on your strengths, resources, and capacity to manage your own supports & life.
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Accommodation Support

(including SIL and ILO)

Home is where the heart is & we’ll support you to live life as independently as possible, at home. We can assist with:

  • In-home 24-hour Support
  • Supported Independent Living (SIL)
  • Learning Life Skills
  • Meal Preparation & Cooking
  • Laundry & Light Cleaning
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respite accommodation

Short Term Accommodation (STA) & Respite

Life is about living! We’ll support you to design and enjoy your own perfect getaway. Whether you want rest & relaxation or action & adventure we’ll be right by your side supporting you to explore life, learn new skills, and achieve your goals while you have fun!

  • Your Home
  • Our Home
  • 5* Hotel
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one on one support

1:1 Support

We’ll support you to connect, access, & participate in your community. Whether you are running errands or engaging in fun activities, we can support your participation:

  • Transport & Travel
  • Shopping & Appointments
  • Community & Social Activities
  • Sport & Recreation
  • Intensive In-home Support
  • Overnight Support
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Employment Support

Whatever your employment goals, with our support, you can learn new skills new work-readiness skills and take steps towards achieving your employment goals. We can even help you find a job you love and provide you with on the job coaching and support!

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Gold Coast Clubhouse logo

Gold Coast Clubhouse 1:1 and Group Support

Gold Coast Clubhouse is a vibrant member-led community creating opportunities for people experiencing mental health to build skills, study, find employment, & socialise.

Work in the Business, Hospitality, or Employment unit and assist in the day-to-day running of the Clubhouse.
You belong here!

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Hands of two elderly people in the garden of a nursing home or retirement holding hands in a moment of affection

Aged Care (Currently Fee for Service)

We understand that sometimes, distance can get in the way of spending quality time and care to your loved one.

Partner with Sunnyside to design heartfelt support for your mum, dad, grandma, grandpa, or ageing loved one.

Together we can tailor support to promote independence, connection, and happiness to your loved one, whether they are in hospital, aged care, or in their own home.

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counselling and support

Counselling & Coaching

Coming soon.

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Sunnyside Animal Farmstay

Coming soon.

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Home & Garden Maintenace

Our Home & Garden Team employs people with disabilities and pays according to the SCHADS Award

  • Handyman services
  • Rubbish Removal
  • Small Garden Mowing
  • Intensive Home (Hoarder & Squalor) Clean Ups
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Design your own Fee for Service

Partner with Sunnyside in design support to meet a need not here
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Our Support Philosophy

We know from experience that with the right support, people can learn new skills, build independence, and live happy and fulfilling lives.


We understand that people are generally doing the best they can with the knowledge, skills, and resources they have. Often, over time, our role is to help people discover or rediscover their strengths, skills, and capabilities and community networks to use these skills to learn and grow so they can live a connected, happy, and fulfilling life.

At Sunnyside, we see the whole person and connect with people through their valued roles rather than just a person’s disability, illness, diagnosis, or condition. We understand the impact disability and illness can have and we do not seek to minimise peoples’ experiences. We’ll do our best to use your language when we talk about your disability and/or experiences.

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We place the person at the centre of their life. We see the person as the captain of their own ship and the expert in their own life. Especially when it comes to identifying their own needs and aspirations and the types of support required to help meet those needs. At Sunnyside, we seek to understand, listen, and focus on what a person tells us is important to them now, and in the future. We work together and alongside people and with other individuals they decide they want to be included in their life. We respect the decisions people make about their own lives and we do not judge.
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We seek to support people to find and unleash their own ME power to make their own choices about how they want to live their life. We help people to find a balance between supporting a person to take positive risks and making the most of new opportunities with duty of care. At Sunnyside, we understand that recovery in the sense of mental illness does not always mean a cure or a life without symptoms. We also know the importance of hope, optimism and celebrating the small successes. We believe in every person’s ability to live a meaningful, happy, and self-directed life, with as much choice, control, and independence as possible.
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Trauma Informed

Many people live with the overwhelming and ongoing effects of past and present trauma. Trauma Informed Practice recognises the prevalence of trauma and creates an understanding and responsiveness to the impact trauma has on the emotional, psychological, and social well-being of individuals and communities. Keeping the possibility of trauma on our radar means keeping the sensitivities and vulnerabilities of people who may be trauma survivors in mind. It also means acknowledging, understanding, and respecting a person’s story and further, changing the mindset from ‘what is wrong with you’ to ‘what may have happened to you’ when supporting a person.

Having a basic understanding of how stress can affect any of us can certainly help the support relationship. Knowing this will make us less likely to fuel other people’s levels of distress. This means remaining aware of how we engage, support, and interact with people and being curious around what helpful support looks like for each person, individually. It is important to understand that positive experiences in our support relationships can help us heal and negative experiences can sometimes make our emotional and psychological issues worse.

Trauma informed practice creates opportunities for people who have lived through trauma to rebuild a sense of control and empowerment in their lives and sometimes this can involve learning more helpful and self-serving strategies to cope with the everyday realities of life.

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Meet The Support Team

Our Passionate Staff

We’re a passionate bunch of goodhearted people who believe in people before profit!

And because we’re not fixated on money, we spend our time ensuring we are offering quality support that meets the needs of those who have chosen to place their trust in us.

Alyssa Gordon

Support Coordinator / Recovery Coach

Tayla Eddison

Support Worker

Josh Robertson

Support Worker

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