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Our Sunnyside Dreams and Aspirations

Sunnyside is experienced at connecting with people to deliver consistent, quality, and heartfelt support. We understand each person’s experience is unique and we take our time to understand individual support needs, goals, and aspirations. We know our place, but people still say we feel-like-family because we deeply care.

A tribe of genuine, caring, and professional people

We respect and support your life choices without judgement and offer helpful assistance designed to build independence and capacity. Our hope is that you will find in Sunnyside, a tribe of genuine, caring, and professional people that you will come to call your biggest supporters!

An empathetic team

We value the richness and wisdom that diversity, difference and lived experience brings to the world and we actively find ways to magnify the voice of lived and living experience. Sunnyside employs people who have a personal connection with mental illness and/or disability. Having an empathetic team who truly understand and can assist is just one of our Sunnyside differences.
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Our Passionate Staff

We’re a passionate bunch of goodhearted people who believe in people before profit!

And because we’re not fixated on money, we spend our time ensuring we are offering quality support that meets the needs of those who have chosen to place their trust in us.

Alyssa Gordon

Support Coordinator / Recovery Coach

Tayla Eddison

Support Worker

Josh Robertson

Support Worker

What our clients say about us

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Jessica Hiscthe

Create Meaningful Outcomes

Our aspiration is to be known for our unwavering passion and commitment to excellence and for the genuine co-design of services that spark happiness and create meaningful outcomes for those who choose to partner with Sunnyside Australia. Our dream is to be wholeheartedly trusted by participants, the community, and ultimately by the families of those we support, especially when planning for their loved one’s long-term future.
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Gold Coast Clubhouse

Oh, and we also invest our profits into a member-led mental health service on the Gold Coast that creates opportunities for connection, participation, belonging and fun!

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