“At Sunnyside, we are always looking for ways to improve our service to you. We'll ask you for feedback about how we are doing, but please know, we are always listening and your feedback is always welcome."  

About Sunnyside 

- our story - 

 Our dream and aspirations for Sunnyside are to be known and trusted by participants, their family, supporters and the community for the provision of valued supports and services and for our unwavering commitment to co-designing quality services that sparks happiness and good outcomes for the people who entrust us with their care and support. 

To understand just how deeply seeded our passion and commitment is, you should probably know that we have had our own experience in caring for a loved one with an acquired brain injury.  Our experience did not end well, and the disappointment, heartache and anger we felt when the people funded to care and protect him, failed miserably is still real. This was my dad, and it was his unfortunate story (that we'll share one day) that paved the way for Sunnyside Australia to rise. 

While we may have travelled different journeys, we do know firsthand the complexities people and families looking for quality care can face. We want people to feel the Sunnyside difference. We want people to know with all their heart that Sunnyside is a provider that can be trusted to do the right thing, be bursting with integrity and deliver on its word. 

We might not always be perfect, but we promise you this, we genuinely care about the people who choose our Sunnyside family and come hell or high water, we'll do our best to see a person’s strengths and believe in each person's ability to live a happy, meaningful & fulfilling life and support each and every person to live a life they love! 

We have big plans for the future and the only way we work is together.  For us, our experiences have ignited the fire within us to create a supportive and safe Sunnyside community that offers real opportunities for people to strengthen their skills, boost their community connectedness and really be involved in, and contribute their community.

We value the richness and wisdom that diversity, difference and lived experience brings to the world and we will actively find ways for the voice of our people to be heard and included. At Sunnyside, we invite people to engage in the design and delivery of our activities, support and services and in our governance too.

With close to 20 years of experience from frontline support work to operational management and everything in between working with and alongside people experiencing mental illness, homelessness, addiction, trauma and disability, we know that valued roles and helping people to find purpose and inclusion really helps people to grow their confidence, skills and happiness. We are all for helping people overtime to understand their human rights, increase their capacity and make decisions that impact their world, for themselves.

As we grow, our hope is that 50% of our team be represented by people with a lived experience and we wouldn’t want it any other way!  We believe we need to lead the change we want to see in the world. 

Our legacy will be capable people living lives they love and an enriched community who truly embraces difference and values the skills and abilities people living with mental illness and disability can bring to the community when the community accepts the gifts they have to offer the world.

We know we are different, we always have been, and we are finally ready to reshape the sector more broadly and help people to truly live a life they love, their way.


That’s our #Sunnysidedifference