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Great news, we recently passed our NDIS certification audit with flying colours and are now awaiting our NDIS provider registration. 

Sunnyside applied for the following registration groups: 

0106 - Assistance in Coordinating or Managing Life Stages, Transition, and Supports

0115 - Assistance with Daily Life Tasks in a Group or Shared Living Arrangement

0117 - Development of Daily Living and Life Skills 

0107 - Daily Personal Activities

0125 - Participate in Community, Social, and Civic Activities 

0120 - Household Tasks 

0116 - Innovative Community Participation 

0108 - Assistance with Travel / Transport Arrangements 

0136 - Group and Centre Based Activities 

0102 - Assistance to Access and Maintain Employment or Higher Education

We invite you to call Sunnyside Australia to express an interest in partnering with Sunnyside Australia. 

1800 2 SUNNY or 1800 278 669

Our Purpose

Our purpose is what we stand for and why we exist.  It drives our passion and 

inspires us to do better and be better, everyday.  

Our focus is simple, we are help you to 


Our Services 

Support Coordination / Psychosocial Recovery Coaching 

We'll work with and alongside you to build your strengths, resources and capacity to control, direct and manage your own life. 

Holidays and Respite

Life is about living and we'll support you to design and enjoy your own perfect getaway or holiday. Whether you want rest and relaxation or adventure and adrenalin we'll be right by your side supporting you to explore life, have fun and make new memories.  

Supported Independent Living  / Independent Living Options

Home is where the heart is and we'll support you to live life as independently as possible, at home. We believe home should be a safe, homely, happy & fun place. 


Whatever your employments goals, with our support, you can learn and practice work readiness skills and take active steps towards achieving your goals. We can even help you find a job you love! 

Community Based 1:1 Support / Group Support

We'll support you to belong, find valued roles, and participate in your local community. 

Gold Coast Clubhouse 

(express an interest)

Clubhouse is the place to meet new people and learn and practice life and work readiness skills.  Help out in the business, hospitality, or employment units - answering phones, using computers, cooking lunch, building friendships and contributing to the life & flair of your Clubhouse community. Clubhouse also provides opportunities to socialise & holiday together.  

Why choose Sunnyside Australia?

Sunnyside Australia is passionate, trusted & experienced in delivering quality mental health & disability support & services to adults (& their family & supporters). We don't use a cooker cutter approach, we understand that each person is unique and offer a range of tailored supports focused on the strengths, needs, goals and aspirations of each person.  

What can I expect from Sunnyside Australia?

Sunnyside Australia is super passionate about partnering with participants, their family and supporters to design and deliver meaningful services and supports to truly meet the needs of our local community.  Members of our Sunnyside team have worked in the community services sector for close to 20 years now and genuinely care about delivering quality supports. At Sunnyside, we are driven by our passion and love of people and humanity, not money. Sunnyside Australia was founded because we were sick and tired of working for big providers and organisations who saw money and profit, not people and potential. We don't care about money, we care about our purpose and we are focused on being the most trusted provider in delivering quality community services with care. 

How will Sunnyside Australia support me?

Relationships are important to us and we believe they are the foundations for a solid professional relationship. We'll take our time to get to know you and understand what is important. Once we know what works, what is helpful, and what your strengths, goals and aspirations are, we'll work with you to personalise support that is just right for you. We respect your right to make decisions about your own life and we don’t judge. We know our place and value each person as the captain of their own ship. We love human rights and can support you to understand and exercise yours so you can live a fulfilling and happy life, in ways that are important to you. We offer helpful strengths based, person centered, & recovery-oriented support and/or coaching. We'll also ask you for feedback on how we are doing, because our goal is that you see us as one of your biggest supporters! 

Can I choose who supports me?

Yes!  Wherever possible, Sunnyside will enable opportunities for you to be involved in the selection of your own support team. We also use 'Worker Professional Profiles' to help you learn more about the available team members . As we grow, we'll update our website with photos of our Support Workers too. 

How does Sunnyside recruit its Support Workers? 

Sunnyside takes employing the right people for our Sunnyside team very seriously. We believe in and use values based recruitment. This means we attract and recruit applicants on the basis that their individual values and behaviours align with the values of Sunnyside. We also look to enlist people with experience and relevant qualifications. At Sunnyside, we invest in our people by offering regular professional development opportunities.  We encourage our #teamsunnyside to continue to learn and grow so they can be the best Support Workers they can be, which ultimately helps you to achieve your goals and live a life you love! 

Does Sunnyside Australia have peer workers? 

Yes! Sunnyside Australia values difference and diversity and knows the value peer support or lived experience can bring to the support relationship.  What's even better, is that Sunnyside is excited about creating opportunities for economic participation for people with lived experience too.  What does this mean you ask?  As we grow, we are totally committed to employing people with lived experience!  

How much does Sunnyside Australia charge? 

Sunnyside offers services and supports to NDIS participants as well as fee for service participants. Most of our services charge in line with the current NDIA Price Guide and here is why: 

  • We understand that many participants, families and supporters want peace of mind, so we are becoming registered. This means we will be certified and undergo a cycle of accreditation every 18 months. This costs money.. and a fair amount of it. 
  • Unlike many other organisations, we pay our support staff fairly and in accordance with the modern award... we don't believe in EBAs or ripping off support staff. Employing people in this way offers them (and you) stability and consistency because they are less inclined to leave a workplace who genuinely cares about their people. 
  • We are committed to offering our support staff employment longevity, so we are turning back the clock to offer our team part-time work. We are starting a movement... #nomorecasuals! 
  • We invest in the ongoing professional development of our support staff so they can deliver high quality supports and services to you. Best practice in support work is constantly evolving.. we don't want to support people in outdated ways. 
  • If the Gold Coast community shows an interest, Sunnyside is looking to start a Gold Coast Clubhouse. In all likelihood, this would probably be at Sunnyside's expense, but we LOVE the Clubhouse model and understand the value it can add to the community. We would be willing to redirect money from one area of Sunnyside to another just to bring this valuable service back to the Gold Coast community. 

At Sunnyside Australia, we support people in ways that encourage hope, optimism, insight & independence while exploring life, having fun and making memories! 

If you connect with: 

  • what Sunnyside stands for
  • what we are passionate about; and 
  • how we partner with people

Drop us a line or give us a call. We

would love to talk with you and

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Together, we can help you to design and LIVE and LIFE you LOVE! 

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More about our Sunnyside difference 

About Sunnyside 


Our Sunnyside leaders are experienced, known and trusted for their commitment to service delivery excellence and for bringing about genuine happiness & outcomes for the people they have been entrusted to support... click to continue reading. 

Our Sunnyside Difference 


What makes Sunnyside so different?  Sunnyside Australia is proud to be a passionate, trusted & boutique provider delivering quality mental health & disability coaching & support to adults (& their family & supporters). We understand that each person is unique and offer a range of tailored supports focused on the strengths, needs, goals and aspirations of each person. 

Our Sunnyside Support Philosophy 

Our Support Philosophy is how we relate to and support people. We provide strengths based, person centred, recovery-oriented and trauma informed support, but what does that really mean? 

Meet Our Team 

We take care in welcoming the right people with the rights values, skills, experiences and qualifications into our professional Sunnyside team. We also value your feedback and wherever possible invite you to recruit and collate your support team. Meet our Sunnyside team.