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Sunnyside Australia 

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Our Purpose

Our purpose is simple. It's what we stand for and why we exist. It drives our passion & inspires us to do better and be better, everyday. We help you to: 


Our Services 

Support Coordination / Psychosocial Recovery Coaching 

We'll work with and alongside you to build your strengths, resources and capacity to control, direct and manage your own life. 

Holidays and Respite

Life is about living and we'll support you to design and enjoy your own perfect getaway or holiday. Whether you want rest and relaxation or adventure and adrenalin we'll be right by your side supporting you to explore life, have fun and make new memories.  

Independent Living Options   / Drop In Support / SIL

Home is where the heart is & we'll support you to live life as independently as possible, at home. We believe home should be a safe, happy & fun place. 


Whatever your employments goals, with our support, you can learn and practice work readiness skills and take active steps towards achieving your goals. We can even help you find a job you love! 

Community Based 1:1 Support / Group Support

We'll support you to belong, find valued roles, and participate in your local community. 


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Clubhouse is the place to meet new people and learn & practice life and work readiness skills.  Help out  answering phones, using computers, cooking lunch, building friendships and contributing to the life & flair of your Clubhouse community. Clubhouse also provides opportunities to socialise & holiday together.  

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More about our Sunnyside difference 

About Sunnyside 


Our Sunnyside leaders are experienced, known and trusted for their commitment to service delivery excellence and for supporting people to bring about genuine happiness & meaningful outcomes.

Our Sunnyside Difference 


What makes Sunnyside so different?  Find out more. 

Our Sunnyside Support Philosophy 

It is about how we relate to, and support people. We know our place & value you as the captain of your own ship. 

Meet Our Team 

We are take care to ensure we welcome the right people with the rights values, skills, experiences &qualifications into our Sunnyside team. We also invite participants to help us recruit and collate their own support team. Meet our Sunnyside team.